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Windows 7 stuck at the loading screen and never passed through? Though a reboot is not useful? Here we list some solutions to Windows 7 hangs at launch logo for you to have a try.

Despite the fact that Microsoft had formally declared the end of service to Windows 7 by Jan. 14 2020, a fantastic number of users are sticking to use Windows 7.

Why? The reason is that Windows 7 runs stable and is simple to operate. Most significant of all, users have got accustomed to working Windows 7 rather than the else.

Although Windows 7 is still enjoying popularity, it isn't a 100% perfect system. Users often encounter types of issues during the procedure, such as Windows 7 stuck at the loading screen, Windows couldn't Format a Partition Error Code 0x80070057, can't get a partition in Windows, and so forth.

Since we've already discussed the latter two scenarios, now we are going to talk about the very first one: Why Windows 7 stuck at the loading screen and how to fix it. The rather frustrating thing is that if you start Windows 7, it hangs at the start logo, and the time can last from minutes to hours, depending on why Windows could not start properly.

In this situation, you might set it aside and do something else, only to find it maintain freezing there once you return or you will force your computer to close down and restart Windows 7, only to locate Windows 7 is freezing on startup over and over.

This situation is not uncommon, and you are not alone in a fury. Most Windows 7 users have precisely the exact same experience.

Yesterday I woke up to my PC sitting in the beginning windows loading screen. I don't have any idea why it turned off, but now each time I attempt to start it, it sits in the loading screen. Southwestward, the question here is: what should you do when Windows 7 Stuck On Welcome Screen Issue We think there are many suggestions mentioned on the internet to cope with this issue, but you have no idea whether they are credible or not. Bearing that in mind, we have filtered viable solutions for consumers to refer to Choose Command Prompt, this can run Windows command prompt when you find the black command shell, type chkdsk /f. This can scan your hard drive to get errors, and will try to fix the mistakes if it detects any. This procedure can take a while, so please wait until the disk check is done.

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